Assuming that love, attention, nutrition, and all other baby needs are met, would having limited baby toys (few or none) affect the child’s intellectual development?

I’m just curious here, not looking for parenting advice.
Thank you for all your answers. I have 3 boys, ages 6, 4, and 6 months. The first two had plenty of toys, not spoiled, but not deprived either. We sold/donated most of their baby toys, so when #3 came around we had to decide whether or not to make the investment again.

My first two are very bright, ahead of the average, and homeschooled. But their attention spans are short and they suffer from “want-itis” . We decided to let our third child grow up without being bombarded with the latest toys, in the hopes that he will be calmer, more imaginitive, and less driven for “stuff”. We kept the toys that I considered valuable (blocks, puzzles, etc…) and our baby will have those available when the time comes.

I asked the question because I was curious about the public opinion on the subject. I have been pleasantly surprised by these responses! Thanks!

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