The baby einstein blocks were recalled today, and while I do appreciate that they give you an instant label to mail your block in for a replacement… what if that block is something your child treasures and would notice missing? If I mail the block in tomorrow, which I do plan to do, who knows when I will get my new block? I wish you could just exchange them in the store so your child doesn’t have to go without.

Then again, I was thankful my crib wasn’t part of that crib recall a couple weeks ago. Where would your child sleep while you waited for the new part to come in? If a company sells something unsafe, why is it that the parent and the child have to be inconvienced? Why can’t we just take it back to the store?
The blocks were recalled today. If you bought them in the past 6 months, yours is probably one of the bad ones. If you grab your green one with the tags (like any of us keep the tags on… I don’t like my daughter chewing on tags that she can pull off and eat) it will have a number on it, which you can match on the website with the recalled ones. If you don’t have the tags, you can just get the blue block replaced anyway.

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