THE LEARNING CURVE That day which brought a thousand memories with haze which jewelled our peaceful path. We listened to the sound of summer, the trees which whistled whilst movement grasped the tender faint breeze, til dusk til dusk. A golden language laid back with splendour whilst rabbits hid and squirrels roamed We counted diamonds within the haze whilst discussing myths already combed So like our host we roamed we roamed. The woodland welcomed our weary souls then cleansed our wisdom with ancient spells We were not alone as the drum beat rumbled as the wind took haste then chimed those bells Enticing my spirit to dwell, we dwelled We found our way throughout this land pass fallen oaks and willows dreaming the colours enriched young naive eyes the artist delivered his creation with meaning and with every step my vengeance was now healing We were lost on a journey which reminded us well of what we were searching for – what matters the most? How did we get here? but who really cared? We could now start a new and sweep of the dust that blinded us well and reflected the doubt The doubt now destroyed – the future now bright! (I chose “text to speech” for narration just to experiment a little on this video with robotic voices. in future I will be using my own voice plus other “text to speech” voice.”)
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – What is the mac learning curve? How difficult is it to move from Windows to OS X?

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