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Fisher-Price and Disney have teamed to produce and market the Winnie the Pooh Sing ‘n’ Snore doll for toddlers. This use of both brands on the product is an example of:

1. disintermediation.
2. cross-docking.
3. mass customerization.
4. cobranding.
5. outsourcing.

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Baby safety class………?

my boyfriend and i attended a baby safety class today and i just wanted to share some helpful information with all the parents.

Walkers are banned in a few stated and illegal in canada due to development delays. a baby that uses a walker on a regular basis is most likely to be bow legged and walk on tippy toes. it also slows the development of abdominal and back muscles. the teacher said the seat (the part of fabric that goes between babys legs) is not very comfortable and could cause the bowleggedness. he said its like if we would walk around with a pillow between our legs…now very comfy lol. it would cause the baby to walk on its tippy toes because if you have seen a baby in a walker you have seen that all the do is push/pull them selves around with their toes. a baby is ready to walk at around 10 months. when they start to pull up on things is when they are getting ready to walk. putting a 5 month old in a walker would just slow the process. IF you choose to use a walker, use it for no more than 20 minutes per day.

the bumbo seat is recalled. they still sell it in stores because people buy them. along with most other recalled item. not all of them are taken out of stores because people continue to buy them. check this website for recalled items.

for the first year of a babys life, the only thing that should be in a crib is the fitted sheet and the baby. bumpers and comforters should not be used. for more information on comforters and bumper safety go to

i thought this information would be helpful. if any of you find some of this information false, i apologies…im just telling you what i heard and what is on the information packet that was handed out.

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