Sophie The Giraffe – Teether Sophie was created in 1961 when Monsieur Rampeau, an expert in transforming sap from the Hevea tree, was inspired to mold a toy in the design of a giraffe. The size and shape of the giraffe was the idea size for a toddler’s baby hands, and he intuited that such a special figure would serve a purpose in the market. It is made of 100% natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea Tree and non-toxic food paint, making it safe to chew on. 14 manual operations are said to be involved in creating Sophie. Sophie is well established in Europe and is making its way to the USA. Sophie makes a very happy sound when squeezed and is designed to stimulate the senses as well as help soothe babies’ teething gums. Babies love the giraffe because it is soft and flexible for their hands. Many say it is worth buying as their babies just grasp it, hang on to it and love chewing it. Also, it is of a larger size so that if they do drop it, they’ll be able to easier find it again, unlike a small teething ring. Sophie has many areas for your baby to grip and chew. Sophie has the dark spots that will help with visual stimulation. The giraffe teether is made from natural rubber and food paint so has a mildly sweet taste, another stimulation for your baby. Sophie will put a smile on your baby’s face. If you are considering buy Sophie, look at the amazing number of positive customer reviews on Amazon by clicking this link here : Transcipt

Gunduz is playing with Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

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