CLICK TO ORDER is made up of parents and teachers who wanted to make educational and enjoyable videos available to parents at a price everyone can afford. Without a production budget, working from our personal computers and laptops we picked up our puppets and computer mice and went to work. We hope you and your children enjoy these little clips from our first full 27 minute project entitled 5 on the Farm. For only .75 cents (a price we hope is within every ones’ means during these difficult economic times) you can download the entire video and let your children join in the adventure with our 5 farm animal puppets and colorful animation as they learn 5 simple colors and how to count to 5. Our own children really love the video and even they watched it slowly take shape over a long period of time, they still get a thrill every time they see it—laughing and pointing happily at the screen to the funny puppets, colors, bright photographs, and age-appropriate music. Please enjoy 5 on the Farm. After a little rest from this first project, we hope to bring you more videos your children will enjoy and you can trust. Thank you for watching, The TinyGrads family.

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