• Expandable King-Sized Net for toy storage. 14″W x 17″L x 9″D
  • Kid-Friendly release that sends toys tumbling into the water!
  • Readily attaches to bath tub wall with 13 suction cups or
  • Velcro paws can curl over bath tub towel bar or shower rod
  • Can hang in nursery on crib to store diapers or hang on high chair!

Product Description
Rub A Dub Dub, Organization in the Tub! The brainchild of Shanda Toys and winner of the Dr. Toy 2009 Best Vacation Award for “Play and Learn”, this playful pal does double duty as a bath toy organizer and bath time entertainer all in one. Multi-colored and sporting a big smile, Shanda! is a welcome friend to children at bath time. Shanda! is made out of a soft nylon material, safe and can be washed on gentle cycle. Shanda! has suction cups that allow her to easily a… More >>

Shanda! Bath Toy Organizer

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