Hi, im 22 and i first time mum to be living in Germany, and my question is: do you think its unreasonable to disallow your newborn child into a house that is not baby safe?

My husbands parents are kind of expecting to be able to have the baby for afternoons in their own house (rather then coming down to our granny flat down stairs to see the baby). However at the present point i am really concerned about the lack of general health and safety in their house, its a hayfever haven! There are hundreds of bottles of chemicals just lying around the place, even in areas where they prepare food. Not to mention the dangerous objects laying around the baby could get hold of, the dirty cat food bowls that sit around for weeks before being washed, the cartons of fresh milk that sit out all day in the warm, the cat hair that is never vacuumed from the sofa, dust sits everywhere in the lounge room; my hands burn just from touching their laundry or bathroom from the amount of chemicals used in them. And their cooking standards (ie not mixing raw meats ETC.) still shock me!

Don’t get me wrong, im no way an uptight, ritualistic, clean freak, and i realize that people from different countries do things different (I’m originally from Australia), BUT i do expect a little bit cleanliness around the house and chemicals (if one must use them) at least put away in a safe place if there is a baby around.

And I dont want to stop my husbands parents from having the baby, but the health and safety of the house makes me really anxious, and would rather not unnecessarily expose the baby to chemicals.

I was a nanny for quite a while before i was pregnant so im not completely naive as his parents like to think i am, but im really afraid to say something. Maybe im over reacting completely…? Either way none of the houses i worked in as a nanny, or my mother own house ever operated like this one. Should i say something?

Any opinions on this would be really appreciated. Many thanks and im sorry this got so long! :o)

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