LeapFrog Learn & Grovel Now this is a cool baby toy because it’s designed to grow as your baby does.

Initially the LeapFrog Learn & Groove Table can be folded flat to accommodate a little one who is sitting up but not yet standing. As your baby learns to stand and cruise around while holding onto objects this table can go from flat to standing and give your baby a lot of fun!

The 5 best features we thought were :

* Learn & Groove with 15 activities and over 40 songs and melodies!
* Activities provide opportunities for baby to explore with a roll, tap, slide or spin.
* Includes a variety of music styles for baby to enjoy.
* Comes with either blue or green legs to attach to table as baby grows.
* Introduces shapes, numbers and counting 1-10 in English and Spanish.

The fun factor is a full 5 stars. There is so much to keep your baby busy on this baby toy it’s not likely she’ll get bored with it quickly.

The safety factor gets a full 5 stars. We didn’t find any small detachable parts and this toy is made to be played with!

Price is a good value but the best price we found at the time of this writing was at Amazon for $35 and it qualified for free shipping. But because it’s a more expensive baby toy – even thought it IS a great value – we’re awarding 4 out of 5 stars.

Overall this is an excellent deal and we loved everything LeapFrog put into this baby toy.

Recommended for babies from 6 months to 2 years.

Posted by Baby Toys.Net Staff- Visit BabyToys.net where fun and safety go hand in hand