Review our important tips for safe products and toys before giving your baby any toys or products which may cause harm. Picking out the items on your baby registry is a lot of fun, but make sure to choose items that are safe for your baby too:

– Using one piece pacifiers eliminates the risk of the pieces coming apart which is a choking hazard. In addition, one piece pacifiers are easier to clean.

– Never attach pacifiers to a string, rope, or ribbon to prevent accidental strangulation.

– Inspect pacifiers and nipples often to ensure their integrity.

– Ensure clothing does not contain drawstrings since this is a potential strangulation hazard.


– Ensure that toys, clothing and other baby products do not contain small parts that can be removed and become potential choking hazards. If you are unsure, use the toilet paper roll test to check for potential choking hazards. Take the item in question and see if it can fit through an empty toilet paper roll. If it can, it’s a choking hazard.

– Provide age-appropriate toys.

– Inspect toys and other products that come in contact with your baby frequently for damage, potential choking hazards, and potential strangulation hazards.

– Do not use toys made prior to 1978 since these items may contain lead-based paint.

– Monitor for toy and baby product recalls.

– Research and review toy and product safety ratings before purchasing.

All the cute baby items are so tempting, it’s easy to get carried away. Just remember to put safety and function before style and you’ll do just fine!

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