fuzzywuzzyanipals.com This stuffed Harley Hog is officially licensed by Harley Davidson. You know that this must be one cool porker to be approved by the makers of the greatest bikes in the world. That’s right Harley Davidson is a motorcycle that is recognized all over as the bike of those ‘Born to be Wild’. Kids Preferred Harley Fun Collection has given you the chance to get your own road hog…even if you can’t ride a motorcycle you can live vicariously through this American Icon. Just visit Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals to get cooler than ever Harley Hog. Seriously, I love the sound of a Harley. Do I own one? Nope, simply because I don’t have the skills to work on the thing as it sits on the side of the road. 😉 Yes, I know a lot of Harley owners and have been out for many a ride, or sit while they fix it. Yet, I still love the bikes and what they stand for. directorzone.cyberlink.com

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