Funny Video , Fail Toy Three Faces Little Baby Lost Doll by Ideal Toys from 1968 another “Funniest Video Ever” toy product review video by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia on YouTube. Check out my other Funny lol Video:Videos of the Worst Toys Ever Made! Go to my YouTube Channel JeepersMedia here! The Little Baby Lost Doll is the Third video funny Hilarious Doll in Mike Mozart’s Creepy Doll Toy Product Review Video Series. The Fail Dolls Head Rotates and turns around in this video to reveal three faces like the girl in the exorcist movie. Watch my other Hilarious and Scary doll videos on YouTube on my Comedy Channel JeepersMedia! Some of my “Funniest lol Videos Ever”! “Try Not to Laugh” r Grin. 🙂 Add this “funniest video ever” to a Comedy LMAO Playlist on your YouTube Channel

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