In some cases the more a child enjoys a toy, song, book, or whatever, the more annoying the parents will find it. So far the “Fisher-Price Peek-A-Boo Cuckoo” has found its way into our daughter’s heavy play-time rotation, but had not caused too many headaches for the grown-ups. One of the things that she likes is that she can push the button at the top of the clock and an illuminated bird pops out. Our daughter is 10 months-old and she learned how to push the button almost immediately. Each time it brings a smile to her face. The bird is one feature – but there are many more – By pressing the middle of the clock-hands (which do rotate) you are able to play songs. – The dial at the top can be rotated to the “Sun” postion to play daytime songs or to the “Moon” to play nighttime sings. – A little side is key makes a clicking sound which represents winding the clock. – Rings are attached to the side… I am not sure why they are there, but my daughter plays with them. – The clock is not too loud and it offers a nice variety of sounds and music. This is what helps to keep the annoyance factor to a minimum. Final verdict – A nice inexpensive toy that children from ages 6-24months will enjoy. 5 Stars

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