• The farm includes Farmer Jed, cow, sheep, horse and pig
  • This play set also comes with a special free sampler DVD featuring three charming stories of the Little People friends
  • Play peek-a-boo through the doors
  • Good for hours of fun for your child
  • The chicken stays attached to the barn

Product Description
With fun animal sounds all around and plenty to do, little ones will discover what a busy place the farm can be. “Neigh” says the horse,”baaa” answers the sheep, “cluck!” chirps the chicken, “moo” … says the cow, “oink!” … squeals the pig. They’ll even discover what some of the animals feel like, when they pet the “cottony” cow, “hairy” horse, “woolly” sheep, and the “squiggly” piggly tail! From “furry” to “fuzzy” and everything in between, Touch & Feel Animals … More >>

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm

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