Tiffany Bjorlie who owns Lundeby’s Ecobaby knows all too well how the CPSIA is affecting what items she carries in her Tulsa shop. She explains how Selecta has pulled their eco-friendly toys from the US market. And toys are not the only items that could run scarce. That sweet handmade dress for your little princess or 100% organic cotton onesie for your bouncing baby boy may be on the “extinct” handmade list as well due to stringent testing that will go into force per the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act on February 10, 2009. AND HANDMADE BABY BOOTIES if not TESTED will be ILLEGAL! Video from KOTV Tulsa, Oklahoma Broadcast Tuesday, December 23, 2008 Copyright KOTV All rights reserved Please go to the KOTV (CBS) website to comment-

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