Co Sleep Soundly With the Co Sleeper Baby Safety Pillow

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Home Page > Home and Family > Babies > Co Sleep Soundly With the Co Sleeper Baby Safety Pillow

Co Sleep Soundly With the Co Sleeper Baby Safety Pillow

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Posted: Mar 31, 2009 |Comments: 1
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Will your baby infant sleep safely? Will you sleep soundly? Like many parents you may want to cosleep with your baby, but are worried about whether or not your baby will be safe from rolling off the bed. My wife, Karen, and I faced the same dilemma, until my wife found the Co Sleeper Baby Safety Pillow.

We didn’t have our first baby sleep with us. We were worried that it would be unsafe for him, that maybe he would roll off the bed. Karen was breast feeding and so we could not feed the baby in shifts. With the little guy not sleeping though the night, it became nearly impossible for my wife to get any sort of decent sleep. This is a problem for many if not most moms.

My wife was looking for a way to do her best as a mom and at the same time get enough sleep to teach her high school English class during the day. With our first baby she just somehow made it through. She was just glad to keep her sanity and make I through the day. So many moms feel the same way.

With our second baby boy, Jacob, my wfe decided to have him co sleep with us in our bed. Instead of having the baby wake up crying and then having to get up and go sit in a chair to breast feed him, my wife was able to just shift him from side to side throughout his feedings during the night. This worked great because, Karen did not have to wait to hear him break out into his full cry mode before she heard him. And it was much less disruptive of her sleep to be able to just shift the baby from one side to the other and then breast feed him. I got to sleep much better as well.

But in the back of my wife’s mind, she has been worried that Jacob might get hurt by rolling off the bed. She began to do some research and eventually found the Co Sleeper Baby Safety Pillow. The Co Sleeper Baby Safety Pillow is about five feet long and about 12 inches in diameter. It lays on the edge of our bed and is attached to a sheet which lays on the bed.

With the co sleeper baby safety pillow along the bed, Jacob cannot roll out of bed. And since the pillow is actually on the bed, he can’t get stuck between the bed and the pillow as can happen with other co sleeper products. The Co Sleeper Baby Safety Pillow is patented and designed with your baby’s safety in mind. And it’s doctor recommended.

So if you would like to cosleep with your baby without the fear of your baby rolling out of your bed, check out the Co Sleeper Baby Safety Pillow at With the safety pillow, your infant sleeps safely and you sleep soundly. And you can regain your sanity again. My wife and I love it.

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Daniel Hellman
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Dan Hellman


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Review of the Family Bed Co Sleeper Pillow

It is important for moms to get as much sleep as they can so they can keep their sanity. This is one of the best co sleeper products on the market today. It’s safe, effective, and doctor recommended. The manufacturer, Bean Products, does a wonderful job of making a high quality product that you can use as a body pillow once you are done co sleeping with your baby.

Daniel Hellmanl

Home and Family>
Apr 14, 2009
lViews: 752
lComments: 1

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Comments on this article


1. Ryan Manion 08/04/2009

The best thing about cosleeper pillows is that when you are done cosleeping you can use it as a body pillow. At almost $200 its not cheap, but my wife was really glad we got it.


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Dan Hellman

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