Our baby doesn’t like anything: Sitting, laying down, sleeping, being awake, being a baby, nothin’. He’s a big fussbutt. :o) BUT, he LOVES this thing! Immediately he’s calmly playing and looking around for extended periods of time. I should also mention that he has been extra fussy all day because he’s sick. Lots of congestion. Nothing has consoled him (aside from lunch), but, again, this bouncer worked instantly! YAY! You might not be able to hear it in the lame audio, but it has GREAT music and white noise. The music is very soft and well composed. Also, the light in the front looks like Ironman’s chest … so … that’s cool, too. :o) They’re kinda hard to find. (Found one at a target in Maine!) and are usually out of stock, but keep an eye out here on Amazon: bit.ly (Maybe you’ll get lucky!) Definitely worth it! Mom: www.RenaeDeLiz.com Dad www.RayDillon.com Thanks for watching! ~Ray

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