It’s quite a long story, sorry!

We have a 6 months old boy and a big 2 year old border collie cross breed.
The baby recently started ‘crawling’ around and is very interested in the dog. He tries to get to the dog (like all babies) and grab her. Up until now our dog (who is normally a very gentle and sweet girl, though disobedient when there’s something going on that’s more interesting that listening to us) would just get up and walk off when the baby got to close. Tonight, however, the baby was on his way to her (his dad was standing right next to him and I was a few feet away in the kitchen talking to him) he didn’t even touch her and she barked at him. It was a high pitched bark and after she walked off. My boyfriend told her off straight away, but I totally freaked out. She’s a big dog (almost 60 pounds) and the baby is so small and vulnerable when he’s on the ground. I can’t be sitting next to him all the time when he’s playing on the floor.
I know quite a bit about dogs and how they ‘think’, their hierarchy system etc. I know she should have not even felt it was her place to tell the baby off. She must think she is higher in rank than he is.
I am so scared that this could lead to her ending up biting him. I don’t want to take that change and think we should find her a new home.
We live in an apartment, so I can’t send the dog outside when the baby is crawling around. I also can’t lock her up in a room. The baby on the ground most of the time when he’s awake and what kind of life would our dog have being locked up in a small room all day?

Am I over reacting or am I right to be afraid and not willing to take a change? The baby’s safety is the number 1 most important thing here. My boyfriend says he understand me, but doesn’t agree. He thinks she’ll never hurt the baby. I think dogs are unpredictable and you can never know.

The funny thing that when I was pregnant I was 100% sure the dog would be crazy about the baby, protect him etc and that the cat (who was like my baby, even sleeping in my arms at night) would be jealous. Turned out that the dog was jealous and started fighting with other dogs (so we lavished he with attention and she turned normal again) and the cat had no problem at all, even though she ruthlessly got ‘kicked’ out of the bed after the birth. I think she seem him as an extension of me and therefore he’s okay by her standards 🙂

I love the idea of a baby gate. The apartment is perfect for it. Thanks so much to everyone who made that suggestion!

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