I had went through something horrible that would scare any mother in the world. this happened just last week..my baby was crawling on the floor and i took my eyes off her for maybe 45 seconds and she started choking. then i see a plastic food wrapper by her. i had thought i’d cleaned everything up but apparently not. anyway i tried to get it out of her mouth but it was going deeper in her throat. i was panicking as she choked and coughed, so i patted her back back and made a stupid attempt to do the heimlich remover for her size..i look back and think wtf was i thinking? well i was scared and called 911 and when they showed up she had already swallowed it. i still went to the hospital and the nurse just said her stomach acids would break it down or it would come out in a bowel movement. anyway my question is, what should i have done in this situation? let’s say 911 took too long and i had to take action, what could i have done differently? i love my daughter so much and i never want this to happen again. thanks. btw my daughter is 9 months, if that helps.

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