www.babyonthego.co.uk Baby Safety Equipment — What You Should Know Baby safety equipment is essential for keeping young children safe and out of harms way in and out of the house. A lot of parents find it very difficult to choose which products would be beneficial in keeping their little one safe. Any experienced parent will tell you how wide the choice of products is. It doesn’t need to be so difficult though. There are ways that can help you to choose which ones you should invest in. 1) Ask the family and friends that are experienced parents’ about which baby safety equipment they invested their money on, which ones they felt were beneficial, ad which ones they felt were a waste of time. 2) Get a pen and paper and take a tour of the house at baby’s eye level! Basically crouch down on the floor so you are at baby’s level of height, then look around the house at this height to see where the potential dangers are. This way you should have a better idea of which products you will need, and write them down as a list on your paper. Here are some of the most popular types of baby safety equipment 1) Baby car seat: These are required by law. Your baby must use one of these whenever they are in the car from the very moment they leave the hospital as a newborn. We recommend you purchase a baby car seat made by a well known manufacturer that has a good reputation for safety, such as Graco, or Maxi Cosi. 2) Child safety locks: These are used to stop your little adventurer from

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