A question (a very ignorant one, if you saw it!) has just got me thinking about the thing that is of course the worst nightmare for us parents, so thought I’d ask a couple of things.

When does the risk of SIDS go away completely? Does it ever?
What are the chances of SIDS in a 10 month old, and over? Does anybody have the actual statistics?
If a parent was fortunate enough to find their baby in the crucial moments after they stopped breathing, what could that parent do? Can anybody explain to me how to resuscitate a baby/child if they stopped breathing?
Also, not related to SIDS, but if a baby chokes, is it correct to bend them over and hit them hard on the back until the object flies out? Can anybody give me more information on this? Is it ever worth taking the seconds to call an ambulance if this happens, or by the time the ambulance got there would it be too late?
I’m just always paranoid I don’t know enough about health and safety. I think I will see if I can take a course on it in my area. But any info anybody has about anything related to this in the meantime, will be much appreciated!

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