1: Cheapest Baby Einstein 30704

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Home Page > Shopping > 1: Cheapest Baby Einstein 30704

1: Cheapest Baby Einstein 30704

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Posted: Apr 28, 2010 |Comments: 0



Cheapest Baby Einstein 30704

Cheapest Baby Einstein 30704
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My son got Take your tunes on Christmas. As a parent I like the music it plays. . . but my son does not seem too thrilled with it. Always with him, and sometimes the music press, but it certainly is not his favorite toys.


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BuyingBaby Einstein Take Along Tunes

good to have it

it has been my baby’s favorite since he was one month old and now he is six month old and
he still likes it especially when he sits in the car seat. however he can not enjoy it if there is no one to help him to press the music bottom. it will be much better if there is auto mode.


Makes Diaper Changes WIZ by

Having this at the changing table keeps baby occupied. Great sound quality. Nice that there are several tunes to choose from. The flashing lights nice when changing in the dark.


Wish I had bought it months ago!

I just bought this the other day for my daughter and she loves it! It’s funny, she puts it under her foot in the carseat and plays the music with her heel, while still holding her two best friends, Mortimer the Moose and Bear. The music is nice, even in the loud position it won’t grate on your nerves.


A baby’s favorite!

There are very few toys that are appropriate for children of all ages. “Take Along Tunes” is one of those toys – as a newborn our daughter was fascinated by the blinking lights, but now that she is 8 months she loves the music – and the fact the handle works for a teether. Our niece is 13 months and she loved the “Take Along Tunes” – it was the perfect size for her hand… and she literally likes to walk around with it in her hand!


– Great for all (young ages)
– Nice variety of classical tunes
– Two volumes
– Batteries last a long time
– Colored blinking lights
– The handle makes a decent teething ring

Final Verdict – For the price you can not go wrong with “Take Along Tunes” – highly recommended for al parents and daycare providers.

5 Stars


Everything I had hoped for and more

I recently purchased the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes for my 3 month old grandson Connor. I am more than happy with the product. It plays music, has colors that light up and is small enough for him to wrap his hand around himself. It has two volume levels that can be adjusted accordingly. He really gets excited with the blinking lights. This product far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend it.


Could Be Improved…

At first sight, you will be very happy with this toy. However, after I’ve owned this toy (for my infant son), it’s somewhat a hassle at times.

-Lights go off that are extremely appealing to a baby
-Music is also quite appealing to a baby, and has 2 different volume settings as well as an off feature
-Easy to grab and go when you’re on the move

-The buttons you press to activate the music & lights are WAY too hard for ANY infant – you have to do this yourself for your baby
-Hard plastic so you have to watch your baby to make sure they don’t slam this into their heads and get hurt
-The hard plastic is at times too hard for your baby to chew on for teething relief
-Batteries seem to die down a little quicker than desired
-After only 4 months, the 4 colored areas you press to activate the music/lights are starting to fade, so now white areas are starting to show through

Overall, I would suggest this, but only after you read the pros & the cons. My son got this at aged 4 months, and at now 7 months
he still loves it, but there again, to turn this on in any way, I have to do it myself. When you press the button to turn on the music/lights,
the songs only play for about 15-20 seconds – so this is not a toy to give your infant if you’re attempting to work & focus on anything.

I hope this helps you if you’re wanting to purchase this.

Read More About Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

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